You’ve heard of six degrees of separation? With us, it’s more like two.

You tell us who you’re looking for and what qualifications you need your candidate to have. No, really tell us. We want to know way more than just the job specification; we want to know this person. There’s a good chance that we’ll know a few people that match perfectly right off the bat, but we don’t stop there.

We also consider which companies have employees who are most like the people you are looking for. We know what companies use the same technologies, have similar business models, even have comparable recruiting criteria. Most importantly, we know people –people who we trust—at those companies. Using this highly targeted and trusted networking process, we find the best candidates and ensure that you get talented, in-demand people who are highly respected by their colleagues.

After we’ve compiled a short list of strongly qualified people, we present you with all of the data. And because we have done our own network-driven reference checks first, there’s a very high likelihood they will exceed your wildest expectations.

"Hirestarter delivers incredible talent with incredible efficiency. They have an extremely strong team, an unparalleled candidate database supported by a well proven efficient recruiting process. Net net … you get the talent you're looking for with minimal friction on your team. I highly recommend Hirestarter."

Keith Zoellner
CTO, Spredfast