You need great people.
Chances are, we already know them.

HireStarter has unique ways of knowing who’s looking for a job and who could be persuaded to look.


When today’s “traditional” search methods don’t get you what you need, we tap into our network to introduce you to a small handful of surprisingly qualified people you’ll actually want to hire. Then we help you show those people that your role is right for them.


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May 14, 2013

I can’t say it any other way: Don’t renege on a start-up offer once you have accepted. If you only knew what the true reaction inside the company was to your decision, you wouldn’t do it. By declining an offer you’ve already accepted, you are burning a bridge, scorching a whole section of your network,…

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  • Fascinating infographic on where top tech companies get their college talent
  • Austin's best places to work for 2014 via @MyABJ
  • @sfrancisatx Meet the new Cardmunch, same as the old Cardmunch??

recruiting news:

March 11, 2013

A great little write-up on the differences between our fair city and San Francisco from a software developer’s perspective:

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