Rebecca Krauss

Rebecca spends her days working with amazing clients and getting to know the top tier technical talent in Austin. And if you’ve met Rebecca, you know she is uniquely qualified for this role due to her innate ability to make people feel comfortable as soon as they spend a minute with her. She loves that both clients and candidates trust her from the start, and she takes this trust very seriously as she tirelessly examines opportunities to ensure that she is recommending the right fit. At the end of the day, Rebecca’s favorite thing about being a HireStarter recruiter is knowing that she is helping people find jobs they love to go to every day.

While Rebecca came to recruiting from an elementary education and event planning background, she has been sourcing technical talent for well over a decade. In fact, Rebecca has been recruiting alongside HireStarter founder Marc Davis for nearly 15 years! In that time, Rebecca has not only been essential in helping Marc grow HireStarter – she has also grown quite a team of her own… including three kids, two dogs, a turtle, three chickens and a rooster!