Sr. Data Engineer

You're looking for a team where you can drive decisions, be challenged and build a powerful and novel product. You want to collaborate with smart, creative, and energetic people. You’re comfortable with being uncomfortable. You look for projects where you can learn new technologies and techniques. You’re comfortable designing, developing, testing, and launching software. You’re creative. And if this sounds like you, you sound like someone we want on our team.

This company is on a mission to defend public discourse. They build products that repair online communities, identify manipulation, and help them communicate more authentically. In a world where social media is being manipulated on a massive scale, this is no small task. They care about protecting communities, brands, and companies from being targeted by the spreading of disinformation. The kind of people who work with them have to be passionate about that challenge and mission.

While they take their mission very seriously, they are also a team of fun-loving, laid-back, self described geeks who love tacos and topo chico.


Looking for senior engineers with previous experience working as a team lead or desire to grow into that role. The best candidates will have an interest in the state of the art stream and batch processing architecture with awareness of ecosystem of tools available to solve data engineering problem. You will be empowered to make big design decisions and own major pieces of the data pipeline.

What you'll work on

  • Design, develop and maintain data pipeline

  • Support and monitor pipeline performance in production

  • Take ownership of components of the data pipeline

  • Work with product managers understand upcoming work and design a system capable of meeting long term product vision

  • Create and maintain documentation capable of describing how the pipeline work to non-technical audience

  • Work as part of a team to integrate new services into data pipeline using tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, PostgreSQL and more.


These are not hard requirements or an exhaustive list. Consider this an outline to give you a better understanding of what you’ll be doing. We expect a senior engineer to meet at least half of these requirements and be comfortable and excited to learn the rest.

  • 3+ year(s) developing software as part of a team, preferably working on some aspect of a data pipeline

  • Experience or familiarity with Kafka or similar distributed systems (knowledge of schema registry/data types and serialization options and partition strategies a plus)

  • Experience or familiarity with popular stream processing framework such as Spark Streaming, Kafka Streams, Flink or similar

  • Experience supporting large scale batch analytics in Hadoop ecosystem (loading and retrieving data)

  • Experience working with or building schedulers, workflow automation/coordination tools

  • Experience implementing tests and sanity checks on large complex data pipelines

  • Experience helping other developers write performant SQL queries.

Other notable skills

  • Ability to monitor current solution to understand its limits and stay ahead of business needs

  • Comfortable representing data engineering function in front of Senior leaders and product management during prioritization and design discussions

  • Knowledge of how to evaluate tools and ability to document pro/cons of infrastructure decisions

  • Desire to mentor junior developers

Who you are

  • 3+ years professional software development

  • You have experience working with data pipelines

  • Experience processing social media, text and image data is particularly relevant

  • Highly motivated to research, prototype and implement state of the art data pipeline

  • Comfortable with knowing what you do not know and asking for help or finding your own answers when required

  • Previously held leadership positions technical or otherwise

Why we love working here

  • Competitive salary, 401(k) matching, and Fortune 500 level healthcare

  • We are a business that trusts and embraces technology and harnesses it for good. We embrace diverse ideas, autonomy and collaboration

  • Professional development opportunities–– we host lunch and learns, hold weekly 1-1’s, and have a policy where you can expense professional development books

  • A diverse leadership team that wants to uphold ethical practices in our software development process

  • A strong commitment to creating a diverse environment

  • Free parking in our building in downtown Austin

  • Free access to a gym in our office building

  • A $2,000 annual credit that you can spend on the technology and work gear of your choice

  • Parental leave (plan with your manager) and unlimited vacation (and no, that is not code for you never take a vacation, we encourage and value time off)

  • Weekly catered lunches and a stocked kitchen full of fruit, energy bars, popcorn, coconut water, and other healthy snacks

Sr. Full Stack Engineer


This company is building the first A.I., machine learning platform for the $900B US construction lending market. They help banks manage their large and complex construction loan portfolios using intelligent automation and integrated payments. Their software helps lenders, developers, and other stakeholders produce and process this documentation automatically, leading to fewer errors, faster payments, and more profitable loans.

This is a small company with exciting plans for growth, currently YC-backed, and are already working with several of the largest lenders in the industry. You’d be working directly with the founders in a company that values being purposeful, efficient, authentic, transparent, curious, and agile.


Elixir, Python, React, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres, Redis, circleci, sklearn


- 4+ years experience in full-stack web development 
- expertise in at least one server-side framework (Phoenix, Ruby on Rails, Django, etc.) 
- experience with React or similar (Angular, Elm, etc.) 
- solid understanding of git 
- experience with Postgres (or another RDBMS) 
- can build quickly without creating a horrible mess


- experience with both Elixir and React 
- experience with GraphQL APIs 
- experience with machine learning 
- experience with Kubernetes

Sr. Data Engineer

HireStarter's client is a mission driven start-up looking to stop the spread of infectious disease. This is an opportunity to become a foundational member of the engineering team and design, build, & scale data pipelines, data warehouse, and machine learning infrastructure. You will be a key contributor in designing and building our data platform and delivering robust data pipelines that will ultimately have a meaningful impact for an important social mission.  This role offers a flexible work environment.


  • Designing, building, and deploying efficient data pipelines.

  • Intelligently designing and implementing our data architecture.

  • Implementing inclusive data quality checks.

  • Providing data-driven insights.

  • Ensuring scalability.

  • Meeting data privacy and data security standards.

  • Securely source external data from multiple partners


  • 5+ years of experience in data engineering building data warehouses and data pipelines.

  • Built large scale, data driven applications including elements like real-time streaming, batch data aggregation, data modeling, data cleaning, anomaly detection and bulk ingestion.

  • Experience designing and writing robust ETL jobs.

  • Experience with distributed data processing systems (Hive, Spark, Hadoop, etc.)

  • A passion for problem solving and providing solutions.

  • Strong software development skills at least one of the following: (Python, Java, Scala).

  • Extensive experience with SQL.

  • Experience with AWS (EC2, S3, EFS, RDS, DynamoDB, Lambda, Redshift, Kinesis)

  • Strong technical leadership skills.

Data Scientist

Full Stack Data Scientist

Our client serves tens of billions of job advertisement impressions every month. However, they are just starting to drive immense value from this data in the form of information and machine learning models. We are looking for an experienced Full Stack Data Scientist to take a leadership role in our burgeoning Data Science community. Current and future projects may include optimizing search engine yield, job seeker targeting, and personal job recommendations.  This is a high impact role.


Candidate Qualifications

  • Gather big data from sources like Spark, Parquet, and HDFS or S3.

  • Model using non-linear algorithms like random forests and gradient boosted trees.

  • Develop the high throughput model serving.

  • Experience with or a desire to learn and apply deep learning.

  • Investigation and development using notebooks like Jupyter or Databricks.


Competitive Candidate

  • Experience with deep learning in the natural language processing (NLP) field .

  • Understands the pros and cons of industry machine learning practices.

  • Development experience in a JVM language like Java or Scala.

  • Experience in search, information retrieval, advertisement technology, and/or natural language processing.

  • History of mentoring and leading junior data scientists.