Data Scientist

Full Stack Data Scientist

Our client serves tens of billions of job advertisement impressions every month. However, they are just starting to drive immense value from this data in the form of information and machine learning models. We are looking for an experienced Full Stack Data Scientist to take a leadership role in our burgeoning Data Science community. Current and future projects may include optimizing search engine yield, job seeker targeting, and personal job recommendations.  This is a high impact role.


Candidate Qualifications

  • Gather big data from sources like Spark, Parquet, and HDFS or S3.

  • Model using non-linear algorithms like random forests and gradient boosted trees.

  • Develop the high throughput model serving.

  • Experience with or a desire to learn and apply deep learning.

  • Investigation and development using notebooks like Jupyter or Databricks.


Competitive Candidate

  • Experience with deep learning in the natural language processing (NLP) field .

  • Understands the pros and cons of industry machine learning practices.

  • Development experience in a JVM language like Java or Scala.

  • Experience in search, information retrieval, advertisement technology, and/or natural language processing.

  • History of mentoring and leading junior data scientists.