Software Engineer

Our client helps 3 million people per month find jobs and advance their long-term career goals with our portfolio of websites and contact centers. This is a small team that has tripled revenues in the past 3 years by remaining fiercely profitable, hiring very smart people, and sharing the rewards of our growth with employees. This is not the type of company to pad job descriptions with fluff about changing the world to be a better place through cloud enabled something-something.  They provide a valuable service to their customers and users and are laser focused on profit that they share with the team.

They have a small number of people that have built a powerful web and analytics platform, and ask employees to own broad areas of reasonability and make a big impact on the bottom line.

In this job, you will:

        - Build, deploy and optimize our job results engine that serves over 100,000 results per day
        - Consume external feeds
        - Identify the best results for a given user
        - Serve those results in real time with minimal latency
        - Store data for analytics and optimization

        • 3+ years professional experience as a developer/engineer
        • Working knowledge of SQL and relational databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL
        • Experience with NoSQL databases
        • Experience with modern Unix/Linux development and runtime environments
        • Experience working on high-traffic, highly-available websites or platforms