Erin Garcia

Back when Erin was honing her organizational skills as an event planner, keeping on top of business demands while running a travel agency, and learning everything about finance at Citicorp, she didn’t realize it… but she was actually being trained on ALL of the skills needed to keep HireStarter running like the well oiled machine that it has become. Come to think of it, her “management” of her family, which includes a young daughter who happens to rule a vast domain full of princesses and ponies, doesn’t hurt either.

From handling all of the bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, contracts and complex paperwork, to supporting, encouraging and corralling a hard working but entertaining group of recruiters, to sorting through resumes and understanding a surprising amount of technical lingo, to ensuring that her team never goes too long without a margarita and chip fix, Erin takes the role of Office Manager to a new level.